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The Boston Chassidic Center in Israel on Ruzhin Street, Har Nof, Jerusalem
Boston is a Hasidic sect, originally established in 1914 by Grand Rabbi Pinchas Duvid Horowitz. Following the custom of European Chassidic Courts, where the Rebbe was called after the name of his city, Bostoner Chassidus was named after Boston, Massachusetts. The most senior and well-known of the Bostoner Rebbes in contemporary times was Grand Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Horowitz who was niftar on 18 Kislev 5770 (December 5, 2009).
Amid a spectrum of notable accomplishments and "firsts in America," the Bostoner Chassidim are known for acts of kindness, the ability to apply ancient Jewish values in modern society, outreach to students, and tangible help for the sick and their families during crucial times of need. The Bostoner Chassidim also have a rich musical tradition with many unique songs sung in the Chassidic Courts of Boston in various locations around the world. The Israeli community of the late Bostoner Rebbe Levi Yitzchak Horowitz is headquartered in Har NofJerusalem.
Bostoner Chassidim may be found throughout the world, especially in Beitar, Israel; Brookline, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Monsey, NY; Highland Park, NJ. The title of Grand Rabbi was bestowed upon the late Rebbe's three sons. The Bostoner Rebbe of Yerushalayim is Admoor Rebbe Mayer A. Horowitz shlit"a.

HISTORY (For a detailed history of Bostoner Chassidus please click here)

Grand Rabbi Pinchas Duvid Horowitz, the first Bostoner Rebbe, a scion of the Rebbe Reb Shmelke of Nikolsburg and the Lelov dynasty, first arrived in Boston in 1915 from the Land of Israel via Europe. Shortly after his arrival, Rabbi Pinchas David was accepted as Rebbe by the Jewish community of Boston. In 1939, the Bostoner Rebbe moved to Brooklyn, and opened the Bostoner Beis Medrash of Williamsburg. After his death in 1941, his son Rav Moshe succeeded him in New York and in 1943, Rav Levi Yitzchok became Bostoner Rebbe in Boston, MA, and built the New England Chassidic Center, R.O.F.E.H. International, as well as establishing a Boston Chassidic community in Har Nof, Jerusalem and Beitar, Israel. His son Rebbe Mayer Alter HaLevi succeeded him in Yerushalayim, Israel.

The Yahrtzeit of the first Bostoner Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Pinchas Duvid HaLevi Horowitz is 8 Kislev 5702.
The Yahrtzeit of the late Bostoner Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Levi Yitzchok HaLevi Horowitz, is 18 Kislev 5770

[edit]Lineage of the Boston dynasty

L-to-R, Admoor Grand Rabbi Pinchas Duvid Horowitz of New York, Admoor Grand Rabbi Mayer Alter Horowitz of Jerusalem, Admor Grand Rabbi Naftali Yehudah Horowitz of Boston, MA
Rebbe at Moetzes Agudas Yisroel meeting February 5773
Rebbe at Moetzes Agudas Yisroel meeting Feb 5773
Photo Credit: Eliyahu Cobin
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