Eleph L'Mateh אלף למטה Project

Nine years ago the Bostoner Rebbe zt"l and (ybchl"ch) Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Kook shlit"a organized the Jewish people to stand in solidarity with the soldiers battling for the continued existence of the Jewish people under the banner of "Eleph Lamateh Eleph Lamateh", which Chazal explain to mean that for each soldier in battle, the was one individual designated to daven on their behalf.

With modern technology we can mobilize both our troops and those davening for them faster than ever.

At this critical moment, as the ground operation have begun, we implore that family and friends of soldiers put the Hebrew name(s) of these soldiers in our Eleph L'Mateh spreadsheet and/or choose a name from the list to Daven for. This site which can be accessed from anyone anywhere using this link.
Tehilim can be found by clicking on the adjacent Tehilim work sheet 
After reciting Tehilim one can say the following