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5773-08 Whitefield, Manchester

Friday morning, the Rebbe visited with the Beis Yaakov High School in Salford. After an assembly, where he address the entire school, the Rebbe had time to meet with individual staff and students.

Early on Friday Afternoon the Rebbe visited with HaGaon HaRav Rebbe Schneelberg shlit"a the Mora D'Asra of Manchester, where they discussed Torah and exchanged their Sefarim.

Later on Friday afternoon the Rebbe met with some of the youngsters in the Whitefield community, dressed and ready for Shabbos, teaching them some niggunim and passing out 'sweeties'

Friday Afternoon in Whitefield 5773

The entire Shabbos was spent at Whitefield Hebrew Congregation, under the leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag. The Tish was at Rabbi Guttentag's home, while a well attended Family Seudah Shlishit was held at the shul. The Rebbe spoke at the Hashkama Minyan, in the main shul by Mussaf and on Shabbos Afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dardick.

Motzai Shabbos the Rebbe was hosted by his nephew, Yisroel Aharon Horowitz, in Salford

The Rebbe was also joined by, Rabbi Yitzchok Arie Weiss, the Horodonka Rebbe

On Sunday morning, the Rebbe met with the Kollel in Whitefield. Sunday afternoon and evening the Rebbe met privately by appointment with individuals and families from Whitefield and Manchester

Monday morning, the Rebbe visited Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School (newsletter attached below) and before leaving town, met with the various Rabbanim of the community at the home of Rabbi Guttentag.

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